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Speech Timer for Public Speakers

This post was originally written for iPhone App Index. In my day job (yes, I still have one and no, writing iPhone apps doesn’t make you filthy rich) we have an in-house Toastmasters club where I’m a member in. Toastmasters is a kind of special interest groups where the members practice public speaking, which is typically […]

Pencak Silat

Title: Pencak SilatDate: 10 September 2008 21:17Category: PersonalTags: toastmasters Project 6 “Your Body Speaks” Anybody here have not heard of Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do? Some of these “fighting skills of the orients” are even contested in the Olympics. Anybody heard of Pencak Silat? Probably not. That is a lesser known martial arts discipline […]

The Case of the Delayed Gratification

Title: The Case of the Delayed Gratification – Toastmasters Project 4Date: 30 January 2008 07:53Category: ToastmastersTags: toastmasters, speech The Case of the Delayed Gratification Toastmasters Project 4 Anyone can tell me what a “delayed gratification” is? Do you remember back in the days when you were toilet-training? [pause] I sure don’t. But of course you […]