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Customer Interview Tips

Try to get to know your potential customers and users before you start building your solution. One way for this is doing questionnaires, sometimes called as customer interviews. I’ve done this recently and called up real people for a survey and here’s what you can learn from the experience we learned the hard way.


If You Want to be Awesome, Don’t Fall Into the Commodity Trap!

High-grade skills can only shine in correspondingly respectable places. The first step to get your skills respected is to avoid getting in to cut-rate commodity shops in the first place. Here’s how to do it.

Competitive Dimensions in Hiring Power

How to Get Employees for Your Startup (and Compete with MegaCorps for People)

If you’re running a startup and wanting to hire star performers for your company, you should know how to compete with the hiring power of large established companies that many good talents are drawn to. Likewise if you’re a recruiting agent and have a startup as your client, don’t repeat the same mistakes that hundreds […]


HackerSpace.sg: iOS Developer Meetup

Coverage on the iOS Dev Scout event on March 2012 with my commentaries. The primary topics were iOS in-app purchasing and test-driven development.

The Demise of Mobile Advertising by adibs

The Demise of Mobile Advertising

Personal mobile entertainment devices are killing advertisements in public places. Among the casualties is Singapore’s TV Mobile that displays television-like programme for commuters in public buses, supported by advertisements. The outlook is looking bleak for advertising agencies as attention spans are getting shorter and broadcast-type advertisements are approaching a point of diminishing returns.

Employee dis-empowerment can cost you money

Employee dis-empowerment can cost you money

I experienced yet another example on how not empowering employees can cost you real money. Or perhaps from a different point of view, how Singaporeans are so engrossed on “doing things right” instead of “doing the right things”. This particular event occurred with a couple Subway baristas in Raffles City basement.It was an ordinary morning […]

The Monetary Authority of Singapore requires investors to either become "knowledgeable" or hire an investment advisor to do their investing. Is this truly to protect investor or there is a conspiracy behind this?

Fundsupermart being killed by investment advisors?

The Monetary Authority of Singapore requires investors to either become “knowledgeable” or hire an investment advisor to do their investing. Is this truly to protect investor or there is a conspiracy behind this?

PayPal Pte Ltd Laser Shootout!

Laser tag: Real-life FPS

Interested in doing teambuilding? How about playing First-Person Shooter games with sweat and elbow grease? Yes, that involves walking, running, ducking and squatting. Includes dirt, mud, and the usual injuries of outdoor activities. Is it worth it? Yes it is, and good excercise too.


Why Appraisals are Bad

Appraisals – theoretically they’re there to help people improve. Practically they promote backstabbing due to the force-ranking process, especially when there isn’t many people to normalize from.

Native iPhone Development 101

My slides about native iPhone development, presented in Singapore PHP User’s Group meet-up.


More flood in Jakarta than Singapore due to sea level rise

It turned out that Jakarta will be significantly more affected than Singapore if the sea level rises. I found this web site that overlays Google Maps with the new sea levels in case it rises. You can browse for your favorite places and set it to display what happens if the sea level rises – […]

Swine Flu Scare

Swine Flu Scare

Swine Flu ScareOriginally uploaded by adibs Swine flu is so bad, even the cardboard figures are frightened(Singapore Airlines Service Center – The Atrium @ Orchard 4th floor)

How to setup Singapore M1 Internet with Mac OS X Leopard

Install drivers for the Huawei E220 Modem (Instructions from Tech Thought – Huawei’s Drivers page) In System Preferences,  under the Huawei Mobile modem in the Advanced configuration, configure the modem as the following:Vendor: GenericModel: GPRS (GSM/3G)APN: sunsurf It’s all set and good to go. In case it still doesn’t work, try setting these options in […]

Downloading Fundsupermart daily price history

Downloading Fundsupermart daily price history

In case you haven’t notice it, by default Fundsupermart only offers an indexed return graph in the fund’s information page. That may be useful if you only bought the fund at its initial offering and plan to keep it until it divests itself. However most of us only start investing after the fund in question […]



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