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Xcode crash log

Looks like Snow Leopard is the new Vista

If John Hodgman (the PC guy) doesn’t work for Apple, I guess he’d be saying this to Justin Long (the Mac guy) PC: Hi, I heard that Snow Leopard is having crashing issues. Mac: Yeah, you’re right. Safari crashes randomly and XCode crashes persistently. PC: Seems like you’re having a bad Vista day. Wanna get Windows […]


More flood in Jakarta than Singapore due to sea level rise

It turned out that Jakarta will be significantly more affected than Singapore if the sea level rises. I found this web site that overlays Google Maps with the new sea levels in case it rises. You can browse for your favorite places and set it to display what happens if the sea level rises – […]


The economy is a pyramid scheme

The fundamentals of world economy haven’t changed much since its early days in ancient egypt to the modern days of computers and the Internet. It mirrors the Darwinian “food chain” where there is a hierarchy of larger number of poorer people servicing smaller number of richer people, layer after layer,

Merrill Lynch after the Subprime

Merrill Lynch after the Subprime

Merrill Lynch after the SubprimeOriginally uploaded by adibs The Merril Lynch logo after the subprime effect. The statue on the right was commissioned in June 2008, sculpted by Anna C Spelling. I wonder whether the CEO knows about the real meaning of the bull’s limping head.


The Captain and the CEO – Starfleet vs Wall Street

Is your dayjob company having financial troubles? Beware that CEOs, unlike Starfleet captains, are not leaders of a “happy family”. When things go bad, the cargo is everything and the crew is expendable.



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