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Microsoft’s Reorganization and What Does It Means for You

Microsoft’s reorganization opens up unforeseen opportunities. What are they? Read on.

Stressed Out

Lean Startup is Crap!

Why trusting the lean startup methodology can cause false negatives for your otherwise bright ideas. See the pitfalls of running lean and how you can walk past through them.


If you’re discounting your app, you need to say so!

Have your app sales gone south last Black Friday? If you’re still wondering what was the problem, this article will show you what went wrong.

HP Spectre One

The Proliferation of Apple Clones: A Conspiracy Theorist’s Perspective

HP, Samsung, and others are cloning Apple’s successful product designs. Is it because they’re simply not creative or is it the result of internal politics and the lack of long-term focus of their respective leaders? Only those in the respective companies boardroom’s inner circle have knowledge of what’s actually happening. But a conspiracy theorist can […]


Job Security by Levels of Abstractions or Indirections

Hate abstractions? Fed up with indirections? Tame your tempers, grasshopper. These idioms may well be the thing that provides you with a job and keeps you and your bosses employed.

The Demise of Mobile Advertising by adibs

The Demise of Mobile Advertising

Personal mobile entertainment devices are killing advertisements in public places. Among the casualties is Singapore’s TV Mobile that displays television-like programme for commuters in public buses, supported by advertisements. The outlook is looking bleak for advertising agencies as attention spans are getting shorter and broadcast-type advertisements are approaching a point of diminishing returns.

Employee dis-empowerment can cost you money

Employee dis-empowerment can cost you money

I experienced yet another example on how not empowering employees can cost you real money. Or perhaps from a different point of view, how Singaporeans are so engrossed on “doing things right” instead of “doing the right things”. This particular event occurred with a couple Subway baristas in Raffles City basement.It was an ordinary morning […]

Do you enjoy reading publications like TechCrunch, FastCompany, or even HackerNews? You might be addicted to entreporn. Curious what entreporn is? Read on.

Entreporn: A Dictionary Definition

Do you enjoy reading publications like TechCrunch, FastCompany, or even HackerNews? You might be addicted to entreporn. Curious what entreporn is? Read on.

How I said "no thank you" to Apple's job offer

How I said "no thank you" to Apple’s job offer

Recently I’ve said “no thanks” to Apple’s job offer. Was I stupid? Probably. But probably not. A few days ago, I’ve received a LinkedIn message from Jennifer Rakow that claims to be an Apple recruiter. She told me that she had several opportunities and asked whether I would be interested to work for her company. […]


What’s the impact of hackerporn?

A commenter asked, what is the long-term impact of getting HackerNews-ed? This was asked on the post about how I lost my virginity and now became an amateur entreporn star. That is, whether there is a measurable increase in residual traffic from those hackerporn articles and whether there is an actual impact to my products’ […]


Why Appraisals are Bad

Appraisals – theoretically they’re there to help people improve. Practically they promote backstabbing due to the force-ranking process, especially when there isn’t many people to normalize from.

Now I get #entreporn ads in my Facebook

Now I get #entreporn ads in my Facebook

Looks like Facebook’s Skynet also realize that I am an amateur entreporn star and its now trying to sell me fill-in-the-blanks template to create business plans. I wonder whether real VCs fall for that kind of templatized science fiction essays. I doubt that  those fill-in-the-blanks “business plan” can even sell as fiction novels. (above is […]


I am now an #entreporn star

Looking at my the Google Analytics report for my blog yesterday, I’m startled. About two thousand page views – that’s news for me and this humble blog. How can it be? Is there a sudden craze for News Anchor? Denial of Service Attack? (fortunately this blog is hosted on Blogspot, so I just blindly trust […]

Entreporn - fallacy or gift?

Entreporn – fallacy or gift?

Not too long ago Justin Vincent said that entreporn is a fallacy that waste our time. He also said that 99.999% of us (that comes from 100% – 0.001%) should pursue the no-VC movement (or “lifestyle business”) instead. What he forgot to mention is that the very existence of entreporn is actually useful for real […]