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Python Pillow’s Denial of Service Vulnerability

A popular image processing library has a vulnerability that can cause denial of service by a maliciously-crafted file causing the application to consume too much memory. Should you upgrade or is there another solution?


How to Program iOS on iOS

“Do I need a Mac to program iOS?” – for a long time there is only one answer: “Yes”. But this is no longer true, as there are many ways to program iOS – including on itself. Yes, you can make apps on the device itself. Read this article to find out how.


How to Get Core ML Produce Images as Output

Core ML’s tools to convert other framework’s machine learning models is a pretty awesome feat in itself. However it is by no means complete. I found some issues in converting models which outputs images. Issues which took me a few weeks to solve even after many consultations to Google and Apple’s own forums. But here’s […]



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