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Introduction to Cocoa: NSLinguisticTagger in NSBrief podcast #72

Get your Cocoa app to recognize verbs, nouns, or even people and company names using NSLinguisticTagger. Listen to what other cool stuff that this nifty yet lesser known class can do for you.

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Top 7 Podcasts for Mac Indie Developers

You’re an indie developer. You spend your time developing your product, answering customer support, or promoting your application. You might even still have a day job or consulting gig outside of your Mac software venture. You’re stretched for time. How can you get relevant information that fits your busy schedule? One answer is podcasts. With […]


News Anchor 2 – a better way to enjoy blogs and news sites

News Anchor 2 is launched today along with the opening of the Mac App Store. With News Anchor you can now listen to your favorite blogs and news sites and simply sit back, relax, and enjoy as the virtual newscaster reads you the news. The user interface have been completely revamped with a fresh selection […]



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