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The iPad doesn't need an Indonesian manual!

The iPad doesn’t need an Indonesian manual!

Two guys were arrested in Indonesia and sentenced to prison for selling a few iPads. The reason? Because the iPad doesn’t have an Indonesian-language manual. This is among the things that makes me embarrassed of my own country. It’s even more retarded than the case where the TSA caused a MacBook Air owner to miss […]

Comparing Android vs iPhone typical users

You might wonder, what are the characteristics of the typical Android phone user as opposed to the typical iPhone users? Here is the result of my observation from both on-line observations and off-line idle chats and questions. Android users Open-source fans, hackers, makers, and mobile hobbyist. These people made the conscious decision of buying Android, […]

Native iPhone Development 101

My slides about native iPhone development, presented in Singapore PHP User’s Group meet-up.

iPhone rent-a-coder

A few times I get e-mails asking about iPhone development projects. Some of these are about they having an idea for an iPhone application and want someone to develop it. Others are promoting their training services on marketing my apps or even on the development side (seriously, why do I need to attend an iPhone […]

AirKill Update Delayed

AirKill Update Delayed

Strange as it may seem, the latest update to AirKill was rejected due to the word “beta” in the iTunes app store description.   Innocently I put the words “… anonymous beta tester…” as one of the commentaries in the app store description (the “beta tester” in question is actually one of my girlfriend’s colleague […]



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