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The iPad doesn't need an Indonesian manual!

The iPad doesn’t need an Indonesian manual!

Two guys were arrested in Indonesia and sentenced to prison for selling a few iPads. The reason? Because the iPad doesn’t have an Indonesian-language manual. This is among the things that makes me embarrassed of my own country. It’s even more retarded than the case where the TSA caused a MacBook Air owner to miss […]


The economy is a pyramid scheme

The fundamentals of world economy haven’t changed much since its early days in ancient egypt to the modern days of computers and the Internet. It mirrors the Darwinian “food chain” where there is a hierarchy of larger number of poorer people servicing smaller number of richer people, layer after layer,

Pencak Silat

Title: Pencak SilatDate: 10 September 2008 21:17Category: PersonalTags: toastmasters Project 6 “Your Body Speaks” Anybody here have not heard of Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do? Some of these “fighting skills of the orients” are even contested in the Olympics. Anybody heard of Pencak Silat? Probably not. That is a lesser known martial arts discipline […]

Lego City @ Senayan

Lego City @ Senayan

Lego City @ Senayan Originally uploaded by adibs Lego City @ Senayan City Mall – Jakarta



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