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Bringing Web Analytics for your Desktop App

Are you yearning for Flurry Analytics or Google Mobile Analytics for your Mac OS X application? Seek no more as your day is saved!


What’s the impact of hackerporn?

A commenter asked, what is the long-term impact of getting HackerNews-ed? This was asked on the post about how I lost my virginity and now became an amateur entreporn star. That is, whether there is a measurable increase in residual traffic from those hackerporn articles and whether there is an actual impact to my products’ […]


I am now an #entreporn star

Looking at my the Google Analytics report for my blog yesterday, I’m startled. About two thousand page views – that’s news for me and this humble blog. How can it be? Is there a sudden craze for News Anchor? Denial of Service Attack? (fortunately this blog is hosted on Blogspot, so I just blindly trust […]