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AirKill Update Delayed

Strange as it may seem, the latest update to AirKill was rejected due to the word “beta” in the iTunes app store description.   Innocently I put the words “… anonymous beta tester…” as one of the commentaries in the app store description (the “beta tester” in question is actually one of my girlfriend’s colleague in her office).

It seems like the word “beta” in the metadata offends those reviewers at Apple and made they think that the game is “of beta quality” and violates the app store agreement.  Strange at it may seem, but only having time of about six minutes to review an app is not an easy job.  But on the other hand after many nights and weekends of hard work for an app and got this treatment doesn’t fit my definition of “having a good time” either.

But anyway I’ve removed that “beta” word from the iPhone App Store description and re-submit the app.  Hopefully it’ll pass this time.  Checkout the video below for a preview of the AirKill 1.2 update.

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