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Issues when upgrading to Lineform 1.5.2

Symptoms When upgrading Lineform from version 1.5 to 1.5.2 the application reports that the “trial version” was expired even though the previous version was registered. Even re-entering the serial number doesn’t register the application properly. Solution Quit Lineform Execute the following command in Terminal:?? rm ~/library/colorpickers/.com.freeverselib.06020 Start Lineform and re-enter the serial number. Lineform should […]

AirKill Update Delayed

AirKill Update Delayed

Strange as it may seem, the latest update to AirKill was rejected due to the word “beta” in the iTunes app store description.   Innocently I put the words “… anonymous beta tester…” as one of the commentaries in the app store description (the “beta tester” in question is actually one of my girlfriend’s colleague […]

How to setup Singapore M1 Internet with Mac OS X Leopard

Install drivers for the Huawei E220 Modem (Instructions from Tech Thought – Huawei’s Drivers page) In System Preferences,  under the Huawei Mobile modem in the Advanced configuration, configure the modem as the following:Vendor: GenericModel: GPRS (GSM/3G)APN: sunsurf It’s all set and good to go. In case it still doesn’t work, try setting these options in […]

Mac vs Linux Performance

Michael Larabel has written a very thorough benchmark comparing Mac OS X “Leopard” with Ubuntu Linux “Intrepid Ibex” 8.10 — both tests are done on the same machine, which is an Intel Mac Mini.  For those who are too lazy to read, here’s a summary: Linux is slightly faster at crunching numbers. Linux is a […]

Downloading Fundsupermart daily price history

Downloading Fundsupermart daily price history

In case you haven’t notice it, by default Fundsupermart only offers an indexed return graph in the fund’s information page. That may be useful if you only bought the fund at its initial offering and plan to keep it until it divests itself. However most of us only start investing after the fund in question […]

Synchronizing Nokia N9300 with Mac OS X Tiger

Not too long ago I’ve updated my mom’s laptop to the last version of Tiger, 10.4.11 and recently I found out that iSync failed to synchronize my mom’s Nokia 9300 phone. The phone’s connection is still set-up but there was an “x” on top of the phone’s icon in iSync’s window. As I remember, initially […]

Speech Timer for Public Speakers

This post was originally written for iPhone App Index. In my day job (yes, I still have one and no, writing iPhone apps doesn’t make you filthy rich) we have an in-house Toastmasters club where I’m a member in. Toastmasters is a kind of special interest groups where the members practice public speaking, which is typically […]