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Blood & Glory: Invictus!

I’ve just completed all tournaments in Blood and Glory — all the free ones, that is. Read this article to find out more about the game, how I completed it, and how you can use my experience to improve your own game play.


Caveats on Shared Web Hosting

Do you host your website in a managed web hosting environment? Be careful since they may not be as “professional” as you might think they are. Here are some tips on how to cope with less-than-professional web hosting companies.

Employee dis-empowerment can cost you money

Employee dis-empowerment can cost you money

I experienced yet another example on how not empowering employees can cost you real money. Or perhaps from a different point of view, how Singaporeans are so engrossed on “doing things right” instead of “doing the right things”. This particular event occurred with a couple Subway baristas in Raffles City basement.It was an ordinary morning […]

Do you think you can work only four hours each week? Tim Ferris does and he describes how he got to that point. Here is my review after listening to the audiobook version of The 4-Hour Workweek book.

The Four-Hour Work Week Book: A Biased Review

Do you think you can work only four hours each week? Tim Ferris does and he describes how he got to that point. Here is my review after listening to the audiobook version of The 4-Hour Workweek book.

Xcode Internal Error

Lion "Production" Day One: Xcode snafu

The last (hopefully) last step of my migration to Lion was installing the latest public release of Xcode. Again I hit some snags. On first (and subsequent) launches, Xcode crashes with some undefined references to the iPhone SDK private plugin. The issue was finally resolved by re-installing iTunes 10.5 beta. It was Xcode 4.1.1 and […]


Chrome is a hog, switching back to Safari

Google’s Chrome may be the fastest browser to date, but it does so by making everything else runs slower. Why? It’s such a memory hog, eating up almost twice the memory as Safari for the same web pages. If you also run other applications on the Mac, I suggest you use Safari instead of Chrome. […]


I am now an #entreporn star

Looking at my the Google Analytics report for my blog yesterday, I’m startled. About two thousand page views – that’s news for me and this humble blog. How can it be? Is there a sudden craze for News Anchor? Denial of Service Attack? (fortunately this blog is hosted on Blogspot, so I just blindly trust […]

Entreporn - fallacy or gift?

Entreporn – fallacy or gift?

Not too long ago Justin Vincent said that entreporn is a fallacy that waste our time. He also said that 99.999% of us (that comes from 100% – 0.001%) should pursue the no-VC movement (or “lifestyle business”) instead. What he forgot to mention is that the very existence of entreporn is actually useful for real […]


LinkedIn is busted

Today (24-Sep-2010 22:54 SGT) LinkedIn is showing 404 “page not found” error in their (actually my) profile page.. screenshot below: LinkedIn 404 “Not Found” error Is it growing pains or they are having “difficulties” in maintaining their servers? (i.e. another social network that is about to go bust?). At least we now know that LinkedIn […]

Xcode crash log

Looks like Snow Leopard is the new Vista

If John Hodgman (the PC guy) doesn’t work for Apple, I guess he’d be saying this to Justin Long (the Mac guy) PC: Hi, I heard that Snow Leopard is having crashing issues. Mac: Yeah, you’re right. Safari crashes randomly and XCode crashes persistently. PC: Seems like you’re having a bad Vista day. Wanna get Windows […]

iPhone rent-a-coder

A few times I get e-mails asking about iPhone development projects. Some of these are about they having an idea for an iPhone application and want someone to develop it. Others are promoting their training services on marketing my apps or even on the development side (seriously, why do I need to attend an iPhone […]



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