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An introduction to the Happy Fortune Matrix

Are you happy with your job? Or perhaps your hobby is sucking your financial health? Here is a framework that can help you to analyze your activities and make a decision on your career, hobby, and various other activities.


Why Appraisals are Bad

Appraisals – theoretically they’re there to help people improve. Practically they promote backstabbing due to the force-ranking process, especially when there isn’t many people to normalize from.

A Dilbert’s way on submitting enhancement requests

I’ve learned something Dilbert-y at the office very recently. If you want to get your enhancements or bug fixes done by the development team then you need to make those requests as justifications for business travel. My list of bug fixes request have been pending for more than a year until a big guy from […]


The Captain and the CEO – Starfleet vs Wall Street

Is your dayjob company having financial troubles? Beware that CEOs, unlike Starfleet captains, are not leaders of a “happy family”. When things go bad, the cargo is everything and the crew is expendable.

The Case of the Delayed Gratification

Title: The Case of the Delayed Gratification – Toastmasters Project 4Date: 30 January 2008 07:53Category: ToastmastersTags: toastmasters, speech The Case of the Delayed Gratification Toastmasters Project 4 Anyone can tell me what a “delayed gratification” is? Do you remember back in the days when you were toilet-training? [pause] I sure don’t. But of course you […]

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