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Entreporn – fallacy or gift?

Not too long ago Justin Vincent said that entreporn is a fallacy that waste our time. He also said that 99.999% of us (that comes from 100% – 0.001%) should pursue the no-VC movement (or “lifestyle business”) instead.

What he forgot to mention is that the very existence of entreporn is actually useful for real entrepreneurs.

Why? Because nobody can compete in a perfect market. Unless it’s a monopoly. But then again, monopolies aren’t perfect markets.

A quote from Justin’s blog, “If every developer was to focus on the very achievable goal of building a lifestyle/micro business – the entire house of cards would crumble.” I totally agree on that. I fact, this is a special case of the more general case that I wrote about a year ago.  In short, if everybody have/do/provide X, then the value of X suddenly disappears making it undesirable to have/do/provide it.

If you haven’t grok it yet, let me put it this way. Entreporn actually helps real entrepreneurs by separating the do-ers from the dreamers, the people who actually provide real value to the society and the others hoping for the big buyout to fall down from the sky. Yes, many venture capitals are evil but likewise many hedge funds are just as evil.

Most important of all, your users don’t really care whether you’re VC-funded or not. They want apps that simply works and make their lives better. So stop yelling Entreporn!.

Are you a software developer that is going to the no-VC route to start your company? You’ll love the Start Small, Stay Small book by Rob Walling and Mike Taber.

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