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All About In-App Purchases

Often changes in the business side implies large changes in the corresponding code of the app to support it. Like changing business models from one-time purchase to subscription. Or that time when the business asked to provide that exclusive holiday app icon promotion for $1.99. All of these makes unit testing and integration testing of the app more challenging since in-app purchase code often interact heavily with the feature switches of corresponding products.

Won’t it be great if your in-app purchase code can keep working flawlessly as faced by business challenges?

How about having the ability to offer “exclusive limited-time availability” special features as if they were physical products?

How to offer fully-functional time-limited trials in Apple’s App Stores?

I’ve covered these and much more in my talk done for iOS Dev Scout, and you can watch it here.

Special thanks to the folks at iOS Dev Scout for arranging the meet-up, Engineers.sg for producing the video, and Credit Suisse for sponsoring the venue and food.

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