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How I Prematurely Killed My Second Game

I was in the middle of working on my first iPhone game and was so excited about iOS games, I began having ideas for more games. Then I realized that these won’t make it through the noise and tough competition in the App Store and decided to pivot from making games. Here is the back […]


Living Costs in Redmond, Washington

Are you considering to move to Washington State, USA and trying to get a feel of how much you need to live over there? Perhaps you have a job offer to migrate to Seattle or Redmond and want to know how much salary you should ask? Read this post for answers to your questions.


Finance for Developers: A Concise Tutorial

You’re a smart developer but yet you’re having trouble planning your finances and keeping your credit card debt in control. Then it’s likely that you don’t really understand what money is and how to manage it properly. I can help you help yourself in keeping your finances under control by giving you an understanding of […]

Word Clouds for Twitter

Word Clouds for Twitter

Hi Everyone, We’re very close in releasing a more trimmed-down version of Resonate. Why? Resonate have been brewing for too long without any feedback from you guys, our users. This can lead us to the dangerous path of making apps that you won’t love. So instead of including every feature that should be in Resonate, […]