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Blood & Glory: Invictus!

I’ve just completed all tournaments in Blood and Glory — all the free ones, that is. Read this article to find out more about the game, how I completed it, and how you can use my experience to improve your own game play.


News Anchor for Mac OS X 2.4.6 Beta 3

Apparently enabling garbage collection in News Anchor 2.4.6 Beta 1 did more harm than good. Thus I’m releasing News Anchor 2.4.6 Beta 3 that fixes the issue.


Wrapping C-Style Callbacks with Blocks

Elegantly handle C-style callbacks with Objective-C blocks. Reduce clutter, improve readability, and a really cool way of wrapping those clunky callback style that’s more than 20 years old!

News Anchor 2 Icon

News Anchor 2.4.6 Beta 1 is available

News Anchor 2.4.6 Beta 1 is out and fixes a compatibility issue with a future version of Mac OS X.