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An introduction to the Happy Fortune Matrix

Are you happy with your job? Or perhaps your hobby is sucking your financial health? Here is a framework that can help you to analyze your activities and make a decision on your career, hobby, and various other activities.

How I said "no thank you" to Apple's job offer

How I said "no thank you" to Apple’s job offer

Recently I’ve said “no thanks” to Apple’s job offer. Was I stupid? Probably. But probably not. A few days ago, I’ve received a LinkedIn message from Jennifer Rakow that claims to be an Apple recruiter. She told me that she had several opportunities and asked whether I would be interested to work for her company. […]


Getting ideas and talking about it

You’ll need to both work on your ideas as well as talking to other people about your ideas. Doing these two things increases your chance to get lucky. I’m doing just that and sharing my business ideas with you in the hope that my luck surface area will improve.

Comparing Android vs iPhone typical users

You might wonder, what are the characteristics of the typical Android phone user as opposed to the typical iPhone users? Here is the result of my observation from both on-line observations and off-line idle chats and questions. Android users Open-source fans, hackers, makers, and mobile hobbyist. These people made the conscious decision of buying Android, […]

Bootstrapper’s Stories

Stories are interesting. Stories are motivational. Stories let you learn from other people’s successes and failures. These are my  favorite bootstrapped startups stories that I’ve collected from the interwebs so far, in no particular order. From Big Idea to Thriving Business in 8 short years How Michael Akita developed and evolved PhoneTray, a call management […]


What’s the impact of hackerporn?

A commenter asked, what is the long-term impact of getting HackerNews-ed? This was asked on the post about how I lost my virginity and now became an amateur entreporn star. That is, whether there is a measurable increase in residual traffic from those hackerporn articles and whether there is an actual impact to my products’ […]


Why Appraisals are Bad

Appraisals – theoretically they’re there to help people improve. Practically they promote backstabbing due to the force-ranking process, especially when there isn’t many people to normalize from.


LinkedIn’s April Fools Jokes

Today I logged in to my LinkedIn profile and notice that there was a “Robin Hood”, Chief Fundrasier at Nottingham. Since I’m almost half a world away from UK and have never actually been there, I thought to myself “Hmm, there is an actual person named Robin Hood over there, probably it’s a common name […]