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Apple should sue Microsoft for SQL Server

As companies bickering with each others about menial patents and terminologies, innovation, progress suffer. This gives rise to unnovation that hurts the world as a whole.


Fixing Mac App Store Missing Screenshots Issue

You’ve just updated your Mac OS X applications screenshots in the App Store. You’ve waited for a couple of hours to ensure that Apple have refreshed all their CDNs with your new copy of the screenshot and then you start the Mac App Store application and lookup your app’s page. Then you saw your screenshots […]

Now I get #entreporn ads in my Facebook

Now I get #entreporn ads in my Facebook

Looks like Facebook’s Skynet also realize that I am an amateur entreporn star and its now trying to sell me fill-in-the-blanks template to create business plans. I wonder whether real VCs fall for that kind of templatized science fiction essays. I doubt that  those fill-in-the-blanks “business plan” can even sell as fiction novels. (above is […]


I am now an #entreporn star

Looking at my the Google Analytics report for my blog yesterday, I’m startled. About two thousand page views – that’s news for me and this humble blog. How can it be? Is there a sudden craze for News Anchor? Denial of Service Attack? (fortunately this blog is hosted on Blogspot, so I just blindly trust […]

News Anchor grumo

After listening the Mixergy interview with Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media, I’ve decided to give it a shot and create an explanatory video of News Anchor. As you can see for yourself, the style is ripped off directly from a grumo. Hey, imitation is a form of flattery, isn’t it? ;-) Let me know what […]


Lifestyle business, defined

In response to Hillel’s definition of “lifestyle business”: Twitter friendly version: Lifestyle businesses is a derogatory term invented by VCs to dissuade entrepreneurs from bootstrapping. Twitter unfriendly version: Lifestyle businesses is a derogatory term created by venture capitalists (VCs) to dissuade potential entrepreneurs from funding their business by using their own money. As these entrepreneurs […]

Entreporn - fallacy or gift?

Entreporn – fallacy or gift?

Not too long ago Justin Vincent said that entreporn is a fallacy that waste our time. He also said that 99.999% of us (that comes from 100% – 0.001%) should pursue the no-VC movement (or “lifestyle business”) instead. What he forgot to mention is that the very existence of entreporn is actually useful for real […]

Podcast Rating Comparison

Top 7 Podcasts for Mac Indie Developers

You’re an indie developer. You spend your time developing your product, answering customer support, or promoting your application. You might even still have a day job or consulting gig outside of your Mac software venture. You’re stretched for time. How can you get relevant information that fits your busy schedule? One answer is podcasts. With […]