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Supporting Leopard while developing in Snow Leopard

Apparently Apple’s Cocoa method availability documentation is not enough to determine whether something will work on an earlier version of Mac OS X. That is, avoiding 10.6-only methods doesn’t ensure that your application will also work flawlessly in 10.5. As a first-time Mac developer programming an application on Snow Leopard that is also targeted for […]


Saving Quartz Composition for distribution

Today I learned a very important lesson when saving Quartz Composer composition files for use in other machines: always save the composition as a flat file. Even though according to Wikipedia that quartz composer version 4.0 saves virtual patches in the composition as a fallback, the composition may not run properly if it isn’t saved […]

Bad day at the office

Choosing a crash reporting system for Cocoa

Are you writing a Cocoa application for Mac OS X? Then you’ll need a crash reporting back-end for your app. If you’re thinking of hosting your own crash reporting system, here are a few open-source libraries that you can consider.



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